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Crisses' Internal Landscape

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Our internal landscape is a set of extremely complex and interactive mental constructs or compents of the system which help us to deal with the internal world and to interact with one another. These *are* our internal world. Some are vacation spots, some are parts of the structure in our head that allow us to maintain various levels of distance from the outside world, or which allow us to interact in a familiar medium/neutral territory inside our head. A number of them give us the ability to interact with one another in a face-to-face autonomous manner so that we can communicate within our head, rather than interacting as a jumbled mess of thoughts that keep stepping on one another.

Full frontal view of "Original" internal landscape with reasonable shot of Aliessas Tree

Note that some of these are perceived as external, but since we can't swear that they are, we are listing them as part of our internal landscape. At the very least, the interface to those places is internal -- a gateway or portal or methodology that is required to reach the place in question.

In 2017, we revamped our internal landscape into more of an amphitheater or spaceship "Bridge" with side chambers for gatekeepers and their crew and new amenities (an additional meeting room/flexspace was added, for example). Counting Interfaces and Internal Landscape major features as part of our system allowed us to relax about a number and discover other residents, and we made more mental room to theoretically accommodate rising numbers more easily.

4-17-04 - We have 3d internal landscape pictures of our "Original" internal landscape:

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