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Juliet ("Jewel" or "Jule")


Distinguishing Traits:

Favorites: Seafood.

 - in the "back room"

Her race, she called the Hummae, was humanoid decendants of aquatic beings, and still had vestigial fins on their back, and partly webbed fingers and toes. Jewel was heiress to the Queen, her mother, and was summoned to Court because her mother was dying. The captain who was hired to bring her home abducted and stranded her on an island because he thought she needed the lesson in learning how to take care of herself instead of being preened constantly by her servants (probably true…but still abuse). Jewel was sentenced to death on charges of treason and impersonation, because the government did not believe she was the heiress when she returned weathered and changed from her lonely island stay. Jewel briefly met in this lifetime with the captain who stranded her, and went back to the Sea a few years later.

Jewel made a couple appearances circa 2018-2019.

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