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Dreal aspect: "Magemaiden"

The younger more innocent version of Dreal, before her whirlwind interdimensional tour, on her home planet.
Distinguishing Traits
We don't know whether MageMaiden is still around as a separate aspect of Dreal or not. She usually doesn't claim this name any longer.

Warren actually has intense ties to MageMaiden now that we think of it, his recollection of Dreal is somewhat stuck in this aspect of her. So this is Dreal's conduit to Warren.

When Warren met Dreal, she was the only one of her species who could see Warren and his sibling Xaron unassisted. She created a relationship with the Eternal Beings, and when Xaron decided to bond with an elf, he chose Dreal, which masked his presence from Warren. Warren, suddenly cut off, basically had a panic attack and when he found that Xaron was symbiotically bound with Dreal, he lashed out and attacked the bonded pair, the impact of which pushed them offworld into the space between worlds, exiled.

That signals the end of the incarnation known as MageMaiden as far as our system is concerned, because that's when Warren lost his connection to both Dreal and Xaron. The three had their fates intertwined, but would never have the purity of friendship and connection they shared before the exile incident. All 3 lost something and were deeply traumatized by this event.

Warren & Dreal share a more pure connection and conduit through MageMaiden, and don't fully connect or vibe through their current incarnations, not through resentment but via trauma.

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