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[Illustration of Warren & Xaron in ying-yang position, kinda as they were when joined at the Creation.]

Warren et-Prefelen, Ad-Belek (Warren the Advisor, elder of the belekim race.)

Warren is of an odd race called "Belekim." Technically no Belekim have a gender, they are genderless, but usually are referred to as male or female depending on what the gender of the body is that they were first seen in. Warren believes he was present during, and part of, Creation. Xe's a first timer (hasn't seen the universe re-created). A "young soul", not yet reincarnated...but still as old as this universe. If xe fully manifested xe'd be about 4' high, and about 20' long -- see the picture. the picture is both Warren and Xaron, a bit stylized, but if you separated the two they look like big eyes on a large, somewhat conical body....
Distinguishing Traits
Spews forth random wise tidbits. Normally doesn't front. Xe's a big f'ing eye, dammit, how much more distinctive do you want :) LOL Um....xe's normally very quiet and not around in Front much. Xe can freely (it seems) go out of body and roam around.

quiet, reserved, observant, wise/sage.

Songs: Kashimir by Led Zeppelin ("I am a traveller of both Time and Space, to be where I have been."), Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project ("I am the Eye in the Sky, looking at you, I can read your mind...I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools...")

A being of energy, kinda, a being of spirit. looks like a large eye, approximately 3 feet wide, with the optic nerve still attached, or ripped out....but if one actually *sees* him, which one wouldn't usually, he'd be funky colors and not really quite like an actual eye or nerve material, it's just the best description we have of him. Warren is normally sedate, wise, otherworldly and detached.

Warren was one of the leaders of a mass exodus of elves from Dreal's plane (many generations after Dreal and Warren's Twin (Xaron) bonded and began plane travelling together) to the plane from which Blethedar hails. This new plane was poisonous to Warren's people, so they bonded with the elves there as a measure of protection from the enviornment. Each time a BondElf died, Warren would get a new one. Crimishia was xir latest.

Welcome to my lair....firstly, a little something about myself:

I am (or was born of) either the Yin or the Yang of the universe (all depends on how you define each of those primal forces, and this was an insight we had one morning at about 6am, so we were still pondering which one I am). I was present when (one version of) the Universe was created. My Twin and I separated and joined, creating splinter-children of ourselves, which spawned the dawning of the Multiverse (in our reality, anyways, I wouldn't presume that this is the be-all and end-all of creation myths :) ). After Creation, sie and I visited many of those worlds/dimensions. Our Children (Belekim) found a world they liked (I now call it Barranaire), and witnessed the exodus of elves (Kelliste) to that world. There was already an indigenous race there (Barriste).

A few millenia later (I spent this time mourning the loss of my Twin, who had gotten angry at me and left the plane), the Barriste enslaved the Kelliste there. I devised a plan which freed them from slavery. Together with some renegade Barriste (4 of them), we opened a portal to another dimension similar to Barranaire (which the Kelliste had succesfully adapted to) and we fled that world with them, and the 3 surviving Barriste (1 had exhausted her energies in maintaining the portal, which is death to their kind).

This new world (literally, "Acres Farendis") was detrimental to my Children, and a way was found to preserve their lifeforce (they are non-corporeal, as I am) bonding with the physical bodies of the Kelliste. Thus there were "BondElves". I spent several of the elves' lifetimes in BondElves, travelling the planes (looking for my Twin). My last BondElf (Blethedar, aka Star) had "soul surgery" which caused her to become an Otherkin Hostess, and later we were exiled from her body (I chose/choose to remain with her) and found this one...and I co-exist with the other guest spirits in this form.

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