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Wolf-form of Dreal.

Mid-sized female wolf, outcast of both native and Sidhe wolf packs on Kerri.
Distinguishing Traits
Dreal has not been taking wolf-form in our system for quite some time, so at the moment this is more a past-life memory aspect.
Rabbit. (just being honest lol)

When Dreal, refugee, fled to Kerri (the world of Drendel and Ferren), she knew that she could be traced by mental/spiritual signature alone and decided to shed her elf form "permanently" and become a wolf not just in body, but in mind.

She still registered as "different" and was not accepted by local wolf packs, and a wizard (whom we call Lupei but that's likely not his name) took some interest in her, but his bonded pack of Sidhe wolves wouldn't tolerate her. So he sent her to look after Nightwind when she arrived in Kerri.

Once discovered by her pursuer, Brenhani was force-shifted back to Dreal/elf form and tormented before being exiled from her body & Kerri. She found her way to this body via her connection to Nightwind/Star.

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