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Male, possibly human. Possibly in his 20s or 30s, about 5'10, 170lbs, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Nondescript man with a somewhat squared jaw and otherwise normal/plain features.

Still also showing up with potential age-sliding to his 8-yr-old self (pictured above) who first showed up in our system, so wondering if he has a subsystem or a strong inner child aspect from having been an orphan.

Distinguishing Traits:

Rarely comes around so it's kinda hard to tell. Telepathic. Calm, cool, organized, mellow, insightful, thoughtful, gently probing.


unknown -- wants to argue with Warren over the song The Eye in the

Professional images (right) courtesy of & © Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information. Provided by Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images website (from artwork entitled The Gathering and The Magi, respectively). Used with permission. Resemblance to persons in my head is an accident of coincidence, it was not commissioned, it was stumbled upon.

Mikki is a psychic-mage, a very strong Telepath in his former incarnation. He grew up on his own after his parents died during his youth. May be another life of someone else in here, haven't figured it out yet.

I'm Mikki, resident Telepath & mage, probably human, almost definitely not from this world.

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<< Frank | Who's Who | Robert New >>

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