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Professional image (right) courtesy of & © Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information. Provided by Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images website (from artwork entitled The Gathering. Used with permission. Resemblance to persons in my head is an accident of coincidence, it was not commissioned, it was stumbled upon.

"Ruth" (not sure what her real name is)


Female dragon. Big. Really Big. About 25 feet at the shoulder, about 75-100 feet long, a portion of which is neck and tail. Eye color varies by mood. Scales are golden-bronze.

Distinguishing Traits:

a huge dragon...horns, wings, etc. Eats many cows for dinner, has deer as appetizers. An elephant might not be a challenge. Generally quiet and doesn't come "out" much. Brusque, defensive/protective, intelligent in her own alien-to-humanoid way, but close-mouthed.


Song: The Miracle by the Moody Blues ("Still the dragons reign supreme, breathing fire till we scream, they leave us nothing but our shield can save us!")

A dragonness who was oathbound to protect Ansa'Abram who would not protect herself. Ruth's mom had died protecting Abram, and Ruth committed hara-kari after accidentally causing the death of Abram when evacuating her, due to her loss of face.

I'm not "Ruth" per se, Willow (Ansa'Abram) took the name from Anne McCaffery's book The White Dragon. Only I'm not white. But anyways, she took the name from there, and it's ok, so I deal with it. I'm sure I have a longer dragonname, which I don't particularly care to figure out. I'm still busy in this life with the task set before me in my lastlife, that which is to protect Willow/Ansa'Abram.

To the right we've put the symbol that came to us around the same time that I made my presence known to Willow and her appears to be a part of a larger glyph or symbol that represents my covenant to Ansa'Abram to guard over her.

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