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Pussy Willow, nickname Willow, aka Ansa'Abram New, was one of the "The Christinas"


Female, possibly human(?) - quite possibly infected with various other nonhuman energies, or perhaps never human to begin with.... Currently, she's about 25 years old, and matches our body.

Distinguishing Traits:

mousey, also described as a school-marm, librarian type, etc. Has deep, beautiful eyes, and a german nose.

very highly empathic, channeler of symbols and spirits


Songs: PussyWillow by Jethro Tull ("She longs for the East, and a pale dress flowing, an apartment in old Mayfair...or to die for a cause somewhere...") also Silent Lucidity by Queensryche ("I will be watching over you, I'm gonna help to see you through, I will protect you in the night...") and The Miracle by Emmerson, Lake and Palmer (or was that Powell?) ("Here we stand between the gates, while on the dawn the evil waits: his talons shine like daggers, on the wings of evolution, in pain, the madman staggers, but there is no solution...")

Color: the orange-red/russet of a sun on the horizon at sunset...

We used to think this spirit was the owner of the body, but now we're not sure if she has been reincarnated into this body, or if she's a Walk-In spirit who took over this body.

Ansa'Abram was a mystic, a sage, and a hermit. She was also somewhat insane, and had little to no memory of her own past. She spent much of her time speaking with the spirit world, blind to the "real" one. A family of dragons (see Ruth below) took it on themseves to protect this important personage, who would not protect herself. Because of her "necromantic" abilities, Abram generally speaks to ghosts a lot, and channels spirits. Reborn into this lifetime, we now call Abram "Willow", and this is a new incarnation for her.

Willow has many of the abilities of Abram, such as channeling and spirittalking, etc. Some of the spirits she has channeled have chosen to stay with her (see Ruth, Drendel, Elvair & Dreal), so she herself was an Otherkin Hostess within our body in her own right.

Memories as Ansa'Abram:

I was born in a large town, on a low-tech world where magic was rare, and powerful magics were more rare yet. Aside from the poor fearing death by starvation, they feared invasions of things that nightmares here are made of, and attacks from neighboring dragons.

I was born and treated normally, but I was thought to be very damaged, addled in the head as it were, because the living were not there for me. They thought me perhaps blind or deaf, but it became apparant that I was simply either delusioned or greatly skilled in something, because I talked and played as normal children did, only not with normal children. My frightened parents would have hidden me if they'd had a clue, but they brought me to some authorities of some kind. I can't say what kind, because I couldn't really see or interact with them. I suppose perhaps they got the truth of the matter: I had the Sight. Only the Sight was so strong in me that I no longer saw or interacted with normal, living, persons. It was as if the world were inside out for me, I was a living ghost, only able to interact with others of like spirit.

I think I spent a good number of my childhood and preteen years like this: I talked merrily with those invisible to most anyone else, made friends, found out things about the history of towns, and such other things as are important to spirits. I was very bright, and became skilled in many other mystical arts, through the tutelidge of those no longer quickened.

Something on high went dreadfully wrong. A woman, I call her Twilight, came to me. She was dead of course. She spoke of treason in some pompus high mucky muck's court. She begged my help, as an intermediary to the world of the living. I'd never interacted with the world of the living...but I couldn't refuse to help her. I went someplace, where she directed me, and I said things she said to say, and living people around me got very agitated...she could see them, and she told me what they were doing. Things were going very badly. She rushed me out of the room, through back doors, and out a small garden gate, but I was wounded in all of this. I tried to go back to my home, where my parents would protect me, but that wasn't safe anymore, and Twilight took me out of the city, and through deep woods, and many days journey. She bade me care for my failing body, and taught me plants to use. Pursuit was not forthcoming: the dragons were attacking, she told me....but they were always attacking.

In this case, it was probably what saved what there was of my life.

We came to a dead end, eventually....we'd have to circle many days journey to get out of a circle of what might have once been a volcano, but now was lush cliff faces on three sides of a rich vale. We decided to see if it were possible to stay. I was exhausted, and still not well, and I had left many friends behind, except for Twilight. Some ghosts can't travel after they are dead, not far from where they last lay....

Twilight was very enterprising, at some point she decided to make a pact with the dragon who lived in the vale. It was not one that attacked the city: this dragon was a loner and was heavy with eggs, and it didn't take much to make friends with it, a few easy kills left nearby as fresh meat for the enormous beast. She gorged and appreciated it and was very easy to approach and talk to, since I was so small a threat, weaponless and not-all-there.

I remember Twilight guiding me in things to do and say. She obviously had experience bargaining with Dragonkind before. We made a pact with the dragon of the vale and I saw a seal before my eyes, a symbol of the pact we'd just made, and the dragon and I agreed to use it to signify our treaty of protection. Twilight and I made a home in caves that were too small for the dragon to use, and she took care of her own needs, and I took care of mine, but now I had a resident permit of sorts, and when the people of the city would start to look for the mystic who could speak to traitors, it would be much harder to get to me.

I started seeing symbols all over the place, then....I invented paints to draw them on my cave walls, the floor, the ceiling if I could reach it. When I covered the inside of a cave, I'd move to a new one. It infuriated Twilight, as this new passion took place of my need for so many friends (if dead) that I used to have. She'd look for any excuse to distract me.

I remember her calling to me to watch a mating flight of dragons. I think it was a mating flight. Maybe it wasn't. She had thought it was. The dragoness had lain her eggs, and another dragon was there...but now that I think of it, maybe that's not what it was. I remember being very distracted and coming out of the cave to watch, because she insisted so, but still drawing my latest symbols....but now that I think of it, it wasn't a mating flight. The large male dragon had come to try to take the vale, I guess, for some reason. We had climbed up farther on the cliff and watched, but I think they fell that day, died. But the dragons didn't leave spirits behind for me to talk with.

We may have raised the dragon we call now Ruth from the egg....and she took on her mother's oath. But she has memories of her mother, so maybe she was from a previous hatching? or the eggs had already hatched? Regardless, maybe *SHE* could see dragon-spirits. Anyways, I know eventually Ruth got to be monstrous like her mom....and that people came to find me eventually. I got that news from Twilight and I didn't really know what to make of it. Ruth was going to fly me somewhere more safe, I think. I don't know how long I'd been there: a long time I guess. But I had many many caves full of symbols...and maybe even had moved on to other obsessions.

I was on Ruth's back and flying over the armies when Ruth swerved to avoid a barrage of weapon fire, and she was hit by something but it wasn't very serious, except that the movements dislodged me from her back and I fell, and it was a long long way to fall....

The End of Me.

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