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This is a somewhat new pocket dimension attached to The Creche New that features a dirt pathway through an expansive sunny meadow with various outdoor wildlife, and leads to a large 2-story house with myriad bedrooms.

The House is where many of the Christinas go to sleep at night. The children have separate spaces and rooms within The House, but many go to the activity spaces (the Nursery New and Recreation Center New) during waking hours, and everyone's welcome to the community cuddle/sleep pile every night if they prefer.

Some of the system kids don't leave The House yet, they may still be stuck and not in the Here & Now New.

The system kids & adult Christinas can come back to the House any time they would like, but generally speaking the bigs, pre-teens and teens will escort the younger children and babies to and from the Nursery New on their way to the Recreation Center New &/or front area each day.

This is a pocket dimension so that everything is controllable (it's always sunny during the day, quiet and moonlit at night, and it is isolated from system activities).

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