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Language Filter

This is a kludge. But maybe someone has been tinkering in it for a while, because it's improved somewhat lately. Anyway, this is a mental construct that is mainly subconscious processes (see Implementation Intentions though we had no idea that's what it was…), just like normal people, for taking mental concepts and putting them into English. And taking English and decoding it through various mental processes into something that our brain understands.

However, the fun part is that not everyone is equally in touch with and able to use the processes...which is how it becomes a component of the system. If it worked 100% for each and every one of us, we wouldn't need to screw around with it and try to tweak it to work better; we could ignore it, and take it for granted, and just let it do it's job. Instead, we have a bunch of people in here, some very not native to English, all trying to use the same language filter to process their own thought processes....messy.

Apparently Moonlite (who is deaf) has little access to our verbal Language Filter while Telre has exceptionally excellent interaction with it such that we call him our "Walking Thesaurus".

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