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Female elf, with black curly hair. (Dissociated) Deaf.

Distinguishing Traits:

Deaf. Doesn't speak, usually uses sign language.

Only have had brief flashes of her, and she doesn't look much different from many of the other dark-haired elves (especially Nightwind) in here. (But we've got partial face-blindness, so what do we know?) When she comes out and speaks (signs, writes), it's usually to say something pointed, and important. intelligent, insightful, intellectual, wise, caring, loving


Song: Here With Me, Dido ("I can't breathe until you're resting here with me...")

Moonlite actually very much resembles the paleskinned elf version of Star, except that she's deaf. Usually very quiet, but enjoys philosophical discussions full of insight, prying into people's personal lives, and sitting back and watching people make fools of themselves. May be a separate life of someone else in here.

A deaf elf, she has been learning sign language in this world so she can speak with people directly here. Otherwise she usually ends up using someone else in here as an interpreter. Her only flash of memory so far was of her people gathering shellfish from the beaches after high tide for food, and throwing some back. Her people did not hunt, they would take "free" foods of nature, that which was either offered up to them freely (i.e. the shellfish would have died anyways if they hadn't gathered them) or which would not cause pain to eat (apples fallen on the ground for instance). May also be another life of someone else in here...stay tuned.

I am Moonlite. I am an elf who also happens to be deaf. I learned some sign language on this world, but mostly I just type, since I don't know a lot of people who sign, so I don't get much practice. When I'm around, sometimes someone else in the body translates for me. I do hear, in this life, but I just prefer to communicate nonverbally.

Note about Dissociated Deafness

In DID, folks have extremely high levels of dissociation and Moonlite does not directly process audio input in our body. If she fronts solo, she does not hear. Our body can hear, but she is not "connected" to that part of our brain as far as we can tell. It's like trying to understand people talking around a pool while you're holding your breath underwater. She barely can tell there's any sounds happening at all. When she's strongly front and in the zone working solo, we don't hear music, etc.

Now being coconscious she gets audio information 2nd hand from other headmates — so she is not as disabled by deafness as someone who is physically/neurologically deaf. And she cannot claim to know what deaf experiences are, but has her own experiences of deafness and lack of audio processing, verbal processing etc. She prefers text communications so she doesn't have to play telephone game with others, or ASL (though her ASL is limited, she's the Crisses with the highest ASL skills — mainly issues with lack of practice & having anyone to converse with in ASL).

She's also very frustrated with our camera trigger issues because then she cannot communicate with others via ASL including plurals with non-verbal or ASL-using headmates.

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