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This is an inner world area specifically dedicated to caring for in-system younger folk. It's subdivided into 3 areas, and the system kids are free to roam outside of the area.

The Créche is generally not intended to limit the children & teens in the system, but to provide them safety, amusements, learning opportunities, and fulfillment of various needs without requiring fronting time.

Many reparenting activities take place within the Créche, there are always adults in the Nursery, and adult Christinas in the House. The older teens role-model good behavior for the pre-teens in the Recreation Center, and adults are always on hand if there's any need for intercession or mediation.

All areas are open to broadcasts from the Front, view monitors and public address equipment ensure that everyone can still be coconscious should they choose to be. In the rare cases that front activities are inappropriate for children, these features may be paused or temporarily blocked to prevent triggering trauma holders or exposing the children to adult activities they may not be ready for.

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