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This is a new (2020) space within The Creche New that features outdoor and indoor play and gathering areas.

The external features include:

  • a large front lawn subdivided into: volleyball court, miniature golf course, and a soccer field
  • A large multi-level building including:
    • a game room with foozball table, pingpong tables, pool tables, couches & lounge area and a juice bar with smoothies, snacks, and non-alcoholic refreshments
    • basketball court/gym flexspace that can become a large gathering/party room
    • arts studio
    • art gallery - hallways serve as art gallery spaces for folk to display their works
    • subcommittee rooms - some smaller flexspaces for workgroups and smaller gatherings
    • quiet room - low sensory area for relaxation, contemplation, defragging, etc.
    • a rather large library & study area with many special-interest books and age-appropriate recreational reading materials, the teens may access the Librarian as needed for research or interests
    • adjoins the test kitchen flex space which can also double as a science laboratory (with proper resetting for safety)
  • A very large back lawn that contains a mid-sized amusement park with 2 roller coasters (higher & lower g-force rides), centrifugal force ride (wall-cling), log flume, long slides, bumper cars, racing cars, drop tower, ferris wheel that converts to a tilt & whirl gravity ride, games and fine/gross motor skills tests, ziplines, and the Grease funhouse.

Nikki New is taking point on the development of the Recreation Center and the advisory team consists of: Eve, Faun New, Isabeau New, Frank, Hawthorn, Willow and Chrissy.

The center project is backed by The Engagement New. The agreement to build and back the recreation center project includes that the children and teens will be unschooled, do self-directed study, that the big gym double as a recreation hall, and that the older children will pick up the younger children at the Nursery and escort them to The House as needed so they may all sleep at home at night or join a cuddle pile. There's also a stipulation that the rec center can be used by adults during "overtime" (past bedtime), or for full-family use during holidays.

Overall, however, the rec center is by & for the teens, and they are expected to negotiate their own agreements to maintain peace, order, responsibility, cleanliness, etc. of their new shared space. They are always welcome to ask for assistance or mediation if they should need it.

They are also allowed to set up rules such as cleanliness guidelines or off-limit areas for the adults/family activities. So far, adults and families are to leave things as they were found, and clean up after themselves and their own events.

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