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The round table is modeled after the object by that name from Author's Camelot, with the intent that people in our head are as equals during the meetings that we hold there.

A close up view of the Meeting Room with the Round Table.

The round table is in the Meeting Room. It's gotten rather crowded at meeting time -- not sure there are enough chairs. Thank goodness it's in an extradimensional space where the inside can be bigger than the outside and all that.

We're deciding whether the round table is an interface device or an internal landscape object. We see an argument for either one: It allows people internal to communicate and to pass around awareness -- but is that a function of our entering a light trance when we have meetings or is that a property of the table? We're not sure but we're pretty sure it's not a property of the table, thus the jury is out for the moment, but it could be either or.

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