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| Post-rescue Nikki.

Nikki, formerly known as "Tina" and "Red Girl" before that.

Quite young but observant, when found was around 4 years old and since has aged up to 13, perhaps female, long hair, circles under eyes, haunted expression. Used to appear injured in our headspace, comatose or catatonic, but after the rescue mission is awake, alert, but withdrawn and broody.
Distinguishing Traits
Non-verbal but highly opinionated. Right now Nikki is a critical "voice" or impressions from the recesses of our day care center. She sends us imagery, and when we recoil we get the self-satisfied reprimand something like, "See, I told you you aren't ready."
Reconciliations, reclaiming, breaking traumatic links, brutal or radical honesty, remorse, course-corrections, acknowledgement, etc. — hasn't interacted with music or front to our knowledge yet, which is odd for any Crisses.

Was very abused. Predecessor to Hawthorn or Isabeau New. Extremely traumatized, possibly (dissociated) deaf and blind. Sexual trauma holder.

Nikki is now partly coconscious, and has been given the Recreation Center New as a project for which she is "point" and has a group of teen advisors. The project is backed by The Engagement New.

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