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Elvair (nickname), (King) Celeglas of the Golden Armor, the King Without a Crown, and more names...for more lives...which he won't tell us.


Male Sidhe human/elf hybrid, of undetermined age (second-timer in spirit/soul, dead in body, not sure how long he lived as Celeglas). Approximately 6' tall, 160lbs, fair or redheaded with green eyes.

Distinguishing Traits:

Soft-eyed with a determined jaw, long boned, and small points on his ears. More solid & "real" than Drendel, more a part of the world he is in. Strong spirited, clear eyed young man, who was raised to lead people, but doesn't lord it over them. Honest, open, loving, determined, gentle when possible, uses force when necessary, protective of his lands and people without being possessive.


Song: Without You by Asia ("Wanting things the way they used to be, you don't know what that can do to me! One more day, maybe never...might as well be forever!")

Color: The color of Drendel's hair....yeah, it's sappy (golden shot with red highlights)

A "second timer" -- he's been around the wheel of time more than once...think of someone who dined at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe LOL... He spent at least one past life as an Elf on Kerri.

Half-Sidhe, half warlock of some kind which wasn't really human per se. World resembled Tolkein's a bit, but as I didn't travel particularly far, and the names far as I know don't match, I'm not sure how much overlap there is. More about me later.

Story of Drendel's Death - Warning -- somewhat graphic.

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